Ant Control

what is spider?

Most of us believe that spider is a kind of insects! Spider differs from insects as it doesn’t have antennae ,also spiders have eight legs while insects have six legs.Spiders are classified as arachnids.Although spiders prefer living outdoors,but you will always find a few spiders indoors searching for food.Spiders can humans, some spider cause only itching, others are more dangerous!

ways to get rid of spider

If you are tired and struggling of crawling spiders to your house .You should stop worrying now and try to follow these instruction: *As spiders prefer hiding under beds or behind the bedsides waiting for the opportunity to hunt other insects, you must keep the area around the bed clean . *Fill out all holes and cracks that leads from the outside to prevent spiders from entering your house. *keep your outdoor light off as the light can attract other pests that spiders waiting for hunting them. *Use insecticide sprays ,you can spray corners and cracks carefully with following the instructions written on the label.

what can i do to get rid of spider?

You should consider calling pest control company when you are trying to get rid of spiders cause : *Spiders are harder to kill than other insects,and also cause getting rid of spiders requires a combination of chemical and non chemical measures. *There are many and different kinds of spiders,some spider kinds prefer living inside houses while the others live outdoors preferring warm and light. *pest control companies use safe and environmentally friendly products which are only available to licensed technicians.