Ant Control

what is ant?

Ants are social insects,their scientific name is “formicidae” .Ants represent 20% of the organisms on the planet.Ants feed on sugary foods,leaves and dead creatures.Those food are usually found on the ground.Ants are very social insects ,they can’t live individually so they live in nests or colonies.The presence of these insects in our houses is considered as a serious problem!

ways to get rid of ant

You can find ants everywhere.When you open you cabinets you find ants,ants can be found in your kitchen as they always being attracted to foud sources .When you are trying to get rid of ants you should try to find their entry points to your house,you will see them travel in trails and following them can lead you to know their original holes and solving this problem from it’s root.Defending your house begins from cleaning dirty dishes that attract ants to you.Planting mint around your house is also another effective way that prevents ants from entering your house.

what can i do to get rid of ant?

When you have an ant problem you should recognize where the ants are nesting ! Do you have indoor and outdoor ant problems?! Our company suggests you If you have indoor ants to: * use spray containg vinegar and water,this spray can remove the chemical trails that lead ants to your house *Using boric acid *Don’t leave dirty dishes around the house. -For outdoor ants: *you can plant mint around your house as it works as a repellant plan for ants. *Don’t leave pet food outside house for a long time There are many different do-it-you-self techniques to get rid of ants but none are known to ba an effective as professional exterminators. Pestcontrolabudhabi is your choice if you search for professionals ,especially since many ants preventing products in the market aren’t working effectively.