Ant Control

what is rodents?

Rodents are kinds of mammals and their scientific name is “Mus”.Rodents include rats, squirrels, chipmunks and beavers.Rodents have been known to damage buildings and transfer diseases between people,they have highly senses of smell and they have the ability to learn and to adapt with any environment.if you feel mess and hear noise in your house,you may have unwanted visitor to your house ,it’s a rodent!

ways to get rid of rodents

Step one you should follow when you are trying to get rid of rodents is to: *check for holes and cracks in your house as rodents can enter your house through holes even the smallest ones. *You can use glue traps to get rid of rodents quickly. *Get a cat: the presence of a cat in your house can prevent rodents from entering as the smell of the cat presence can deter them. *You can use peppermint oil as it’s smell is a natural deterrent to get rid of rodents.

what can i do to get rid of rodents?

Most people when they are trying to get rid of rodents,they consentrate on filling holes inside their houses.the problem is the presence of many pathes that rodents can follow to reach your house! The most effective method is to block rodents access from outside your house. *Call a professional exterminator , you can hire pest control company to helps you get rid of rodents. *Describe your rodent problem to professionals ,this will help them in finding the exterior vents around your house so they can cover all these vents.