Ant Control

what is mite?

Mites are microscopic insects .Some mites are predatory as they feed on other mites while the other mites feed on plants and decaying material.Mites can appear naturally in all homes.Humidity is the main factor that attracts mites and they can live on land and in water.Mites can cause many medical conditions including: asthma and eczema.

ways to get rid of mite

You can reduce the existence of mites in your house by following a few steps: *reduce your house humidity to minimize the growth of mites. *Wash your clothes befor wearing if they have been stored for a long time *wash your pillow cases and sheets weekly with water hotter than 55 degrees *Get rid of clutter! Remove all unnecessary objects like old books,magazines and newspapers.

what can i do to get rid of mite?

The biggest problem faces you when you are trying to eliminate mites is that you can’t really sea them ,you can only feel,what should you do? *The first step ,is to clearly identify their location and then contact yourpest control company and request an insect identification . *After the identification process,the treatment process will start by vaccum your rooms which can decreases the number of mites and wash everything including carpets, rugs and curtains. *if all fails you should consider hiring a professional pest control company who specializes in bird mite infestations.